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Over a period of time you find things out about someone and that either draws the attraction closer or repels it. We are going to hear from several ladies, with different lifestyles, and opinions on love relationships, sex and life in the form of question and answer...Stay tuned and Enjoy!! free counters

    Melanie Amaro - Audition 1 - THE X FACTOR 2011

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    Sending out the Questions 1-15 to the additional ladies

    Check here for the Requirements if you are interested in being one of the ladies.

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    I need 5 women over the age of 25 and 2 women under the age of 25

    to participate in it is semi anonymous to those who read. All they know are your Initials & your Bio Info. I would like you to be as upfront and honest as possible. Most people forget that I am the only one reading these answers before they are displayed as text and I find that in the past some have “put on for show” and acted as tho I didnt know them….

    This purpose of this blog IS NOT TO eloquently bicker or badger someones choice of why they do what they do…Its just to see how we as women matter our background or sexual preference…to get a better understanding of a situation or just to see others going through something that may have or will happen to you.

    If you are interested. I will need these following bits of information

    Your email:


    Sexual Preference:


    Marital Status:


    Children (if any)

    If you go through the sight and see that you would like to answer past questions please feel free to send me your answers to those in an ASK. I will need the number of the question tho. 

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    Question 15:Have you ever been on a blind date? Was it good or bad, or would you do it?

    MD:"No blind dates, thus far but i do think it would be a step out of my character and a definite must…"

    DC: I have never been on a blind date. Yes, i would i love to try different things. Who knows i might even enjoy myself!”

    TS: “I’ve never been on a blind date!! I most definitely would go. I have no problem trying new experiences!!”

    KE: “Blind date? That was never my thing. Does traveling to another state to meet someone that I’ve only met through the cyber world count? If so, then I suppose I have lol.”

    I would have to say that I have never been on a blind date, but I wouldnt mind either…I want to try speed dating to see what that is like…I wonder how that would turn out…For the rest of you guys…Have you tried a blind date, are you for it, against it…share your stories…

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    Take It All



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    "Beware the man who doesn’t ask you any questions about yourself on your first date."
    Merrill Markoe
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    Question 14: Do you think there should be a Individual profile section with your picture and fun facts displayed about you?

    MD: "Yes, i think that would interesting and playful"

    DC:No, I like to be a mystery, i like to make people wonder.”

    KE: “I think that would be a great way for people to get to know you and makes things more personal. “

    This time I only had a few ladies respond…Im all for posting pics and bios…maybe later on though…we gotta get a great panel of women, because the ladies keep falling off…

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    "Every man must define his identity against his mother. If he does not, he just falls back into her and is swallowed up."
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“Minister and His Wife”, Natal, South Africa, 1949
Constance Stuart Larrabee


    “Minister and His Wife”, Natal, South Africa, 1949

    Constance Stuart Larrabee

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    Question 13: Do you think that its hard to meet someone that is “your type” based on where you are located?

    "I see it, I want it but I cant have it" I see more posts here about dating someone that they follow, and have things in common but is more than likely to be 1300+ miles away…What is it with the men and women where we are…Do we need to be open to different things or get a change of scenery? I asked the ladies: Do you think that its hard to meet someone that is “your type” based on where you are located?  

    DC: No, I’m sure if i actually took the time to get to know someone they could possibly be my type, there are different types out there just have to be patient.”

    TS: Well, well, well, now that I moved back to Chicago I think there is a bigger selection of men to go around. When I lived in OK I felt as if there was NO HOPE for the children. I felt as though what I liked wasn’t matching up to the few men that I met.”

    KE:I do think that is hard to find someone that is “your type” based on locations because people are often afraid to be themselves and put on a front. Because I’m into some other shit, it was hard to find someone I could relate to out here in Chicago. “

    MD: ” Yes, because Chickasha men are lame dead beats that lack drive and determination.”

    I have honestly hard the worst time finding someone I can be really into, since being back in Oklahoma. I don’t know if its because of what I am into or because the type of men we have here, but when I was in Virginia…I was never this lonely or nor did I have to go far to find someone with common interests…

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    Here we go Again


    The Isley Brothers

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    "People go to casinos for the same reason they go on blind dates - hoping to hit the jackpot. But mostly, you just wind up broke or alone in a bar."
    Sarah Jessica Parker
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